A Solid 7 out of 10 and Still Proud

So I'm a perfectionist in the WORST sense of the word. I simply care about too many things...and I NEVER stop aiming at perfection in ALL OF THEM! I always want to be the "perfect mom," the "perfect wife," the "perfect cook," the "perfect boss"...the list goes on and on. I even try to get... Continue Reading →

The Worst Mom in the World

There have been MANY nights I felt like I earned the title of "Worst Mom in the World." Many times I cried myself to sleep. I've been FAR FROM PERFECT, trust me. I've been a HOT MESS! You see, I got married young and had two kids by 23! I'm just lucky they were GIRLS!... Continue Reading →

How to Pass Down Your Faith for Generations

It's Sunday morning! Time to get up. Time for old-fashioned Sunday School! I know. I know. Churches are closed...thanks to the "Coronavirus." But that's ok. WE are the church, remember? The truth is...Sunday School has been closed for YEARS...in most churches at least. That was something we did in the "good old days." I remember... Continue Reading →

What to Say when Daddy Loses His Job

There was a time in my life where things were really tough. When I say "tough," I mean sold-the-stove-right-out-of-my-home tough. (Maybe one day, I'll tell you the whole story.) Well, it was during those times that I learned a lot of lessons...hard lessons...deep lessons...important lessons. Those lessons made me who I am today...a little bit... Continue Reading →

A Violet Changed My Life

I’ve seen so many posts through the years from those of you who have lost loved ones, and my heart and prayers have always gone out to you. But, being a girl who herself had all her grandparents still in her life well into her 30’s, I never truly understood loss on my own. I... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit More About Me

Once upon a time, in a far away land called California, there was a little girl named Rachel. (Hey, that's me!!) Well, I'm not really little any more. I'm actually all grown up now...at least MOST DAYS! I'm pushing 40, a mother of 3, a chemical engineer by trade (with absolutely NO FORMAL EDUCATION other... Continue Reading →

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